Wishing In White

Hey guys I’m back not that I really went anywhere but still it feels like ages since I last blogged. I missed you guys 😦

Its Ramadan ♡  Ramadan is the month in which  all Muslims take part in fasts every year it basically consists of no eating/drinking from sunrise to sunset which is really hard but it gives you time to reflect on those who don’t have the privileged lifestyles like we do they don’t have an option to fast or not fast they don’t have any food it breaks my heart. I am fasting for this month due to Ramadan, and as you can imagine it can be exhausting, especially as these are some long days! Anyway Ramadan Mubarak to all the Muslims out there and hi to the rest of you guys ♡.

I really wanted to write this fashion blog post because it’s about one of my favorite pieces of clothes to wear ever!!! yes you guessed it or you didn’t  the infamous white jeans yayy  we all want to own a pair, love the colour but how do we find the right pair and then how do we style it without looking like a weirdo  well I’m going to show you how i like  style  mine

I personally love pairing my white jeans with other nude colour’s like sandy beige or sometimes I like to just go full white I love the look it gives off you know that sort of clean pure look If you’re hesitant to wear all-white from head to toe, do what I did and add a bit of beige and gold to the mix.

white 8.jpg

Outfit details

♡Blouse/Sandals – Primark

♡Bag – River Island

♡Jeans – Dunnes

It’s been one of the hottest trends of this season the white on white trend. I personally don’t like to follow every single trend, but I do like to handpick what I think will work for me personally and let the others inspire me. White has always been a favorite colour of mine although it’s one of the hardest colours to style for me personally, but I definitely love wearing this look during spring and summer I think wearing white when it’s hot and the sun is shining makes your outfit look even better. Wearing white jeans in the winter also looks super cute it gives of that sort of winter wonderland look which is also totally cute.

whie 6.jpgwhite 2

Outfit details

♡Scarf – SanZaa

♡Cardigan/Beanie – Primark

♡Jacket – Cant remember 😦

♡Boots – Deichmann

As you can see from my pikkies in which I look totally awkward (I really need to work on taking better pictures) I’ve shown you two different ways in which I wear my white  jeans TBH both look quite similar ones my winter look and the other my summer one.

The main difference is that in the winter I prefer to wear my boots (obviously otherwise my feet would fall of ha) I lovvve these boots because they literally go with anything and everything, although I’ve styled these in my winter look i like wearing them in the summer they look cute and give of a boho kind of a vibe (also in England our summer tends to have the rain of winter). I ♡ wearing my leather jacket just because it’s my go to winter jacket always has been its totes comfy and also a leather jacket can never go out of fashion like ever.

white 1.jpg

I also love wearing a beanie in the winter and how cute is this one it matches my shoes and bag yayy my best friend bought it for me because she loves me thanks bab anyway back to the beanie I’ve personally always loved wearing one they keep your head warm in the cold and also look super cute (plus they can hide your greasy hair or unkept roots ;))

My summer outfit is basically all white everything well sort of. Sandals are a go to for hot days you need to let those feet breathe girl the ones I own are super cute I got them last year how cute are they I love the colour TBH nearly all the shoes and sandals are either brown or beige apart from like two.

white 3.jpg

As you can also see I chose to go with a blouse in the summer instead of the shirt just because the simple fact it’s thinner and super comfy for the summer. The bag I wore is the same I only got it in December last year and it’s my favorite small bag I can fit a lot in their for it being a small bag.

white 4.jpg

I also wore my cardigan in summer why you ask simply because hello we live in England where the weather is totally bipolar one minute the sun’s out and your enjoying life and the next bam thunder clouds appear full of rain and there goes my dignity with my wet t-shirt ha. I also recently started wearing a hijab this year and I love it so don’t get confused  its still me lol.

white 5.jpg white 7

Well that’s my fashion post for today hope you guys enjoyed reading it let me know below in the comments if you own a pair of white jeans and if so how do you style them girl !! much love fatty ♡




10 thoughts on “Wishing In White

  1. Thank u for them fashion tips, they were quite useful. I’ve been a bit concious on wearing white on white but u really gave me confidence to pull it off.

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