Two Splurge Or Not Two Splurge??

Kylie Jenner Lip Kit Review ♡

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Hey everyone I’m back How have you all been hope you had a fun bank holiday, I’ve been a bit under the weather recently but I’m feeling much better now.. Yay !!

The review

So let’s get to it for my first blog I decided to review Kylie Jenner’s lip kit collection, I recently managed to get my hands on them thanks to my bestie (Thank you Sanah ♡  ) Personally my favorite shade of them all is definitely Dolce K, I love this shade because it’s pigment is so rich & gorgeous it also stands out It’s definitely a shade out of my comfort zone I usually go for light pinks to nude shades, I’m a nudeist ha!!

As you can see I managed to get 7 shades, 4 Matte lip kits and all three glosses Lucky Me

The Four lip kits are –  Dolce K, Candy K, koko K and posie K

Glosses –  Like, Literally, So cute.

kylie 7.jpgkylie 1.jpg

I decided to list the Pros and Cons of the  Lip kits just because it’s easier to pinpoint the facts.

The Pros are

♡ Super Long lasting

♡ Smells Lush

♡ Cute packaging

♡ Lip liners

♡ Diverse collection.

And with every review after the pros come the cons So here we go..

♡ Expensive

♡ Waiting time

♡ Availability

♡ Dupes.


This is the longest lasting matte lipstick that I have ever used, seriously it literally lasted all day, during which I had a Nandos as well as drinks and it stayed on not even a crumble unlike other lipsticks which I have to reapply after I eat or anything because they start crumbling. The smell  I’m in love with it Kylie should make some perfume because if this smell was in a perfume I’d be first in line to buy it. I also think a uniqueness in Kylie’s kit is definitely her packaging it’s so cute and also the personalisation makes it look just that little bit more attractive that its competitors .

kylie 3.jpg

The lip liners I’m a bit on ease with I think it’s cute that the lipstick and liner come in a package instead of having to go and buy a liner separately, But I don’t really wear liners Soo.. ♡

The collection goes on and on as you know Kylie is always coming up with new ideas to fit current demands she started with the matte and then the glosses which I used personally, My favorite is the So Cute gloss, I like the lightness of it and also I love that it doesn’t leave that sticky feeling on your lips like most glosses do. The next part of the collection I want to try is the metals collection because they are so different and they look so nice, I need them in my lifee!!!!

kylie 4

Cons ( Evilll )

Ok so there isn’t really a lot to write in the cons, I’m just going to tell you personally why I think the Kylie line is a bit overrated.

I think there are a lot of dupes available at a much cheaper price for example I’ve personally tried two of  the sleek matte me range they have exact dupes for Posie K and Candy K (Shabby chic, Birthday suit) as you can see from the pics there isn’t much difference. The quality of the sleek range though it’s much cheaper isn’t as good as Kylie’s as I said before you do have to reapply it doesn’t stay on as long. I also am not really a fan of the  Kylie lip liners as they are very soft tipped and wear down after two uses.

kylie 6

(Sorry for the bad quality pik above but i promise you they look identical)

kylie 5

Another thing is the waiting time and availability of her products it literally takes forever to get your hands on them and there’s the shipping costs which added on to the price of the lip kits is too much for me personally, but I have to say that the collection is amazing and once you buy one it becomes an instant  addiction to collect them all so I can’t wait for her next collection but for now I have to try and get me the metals collection hopefully when she restocks.

kylie 8.jpg

So there you go that was my review of the collection

If you have got the Kylie lip kits let me know what you think what’s your favorite shade? also let me know if any of you have the metals collection and if it’s worth splurging (even though I will anyway lol!!)

And for those of you that don’t have the lip kits, I guess the question is would you splurge out and buy them or would you stick to an awesome dupe?

Comment below and let me know  ♡




10 thoughts on “Two Splurge Or Not Two Splurge??

  1. Ollo humble peasent!
    One peoples must say the photography is just 😍 AMAZINNG!
    Lol good review babicles,but should have included goosberrys 😂😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awe thank you I’ve only managed to find the sleek and mua ones in dupes have you seen a good dupe for Dolce k ? x


  2. Such a great review love!! I love the packaging but I don’t think they are worth my money! There are so many mixed reviews and I just have so many liquid lipsticks that I wouldn’t wear these enough haha! However, that is so awesome that you got your hands on so many!! I am totally going to check out the dupes though!! Such a wonderful post!!!

    Liked by 1 person

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